International Exhibition and Conference
for Shipbuilding and Equipment and Technologies
for Development of the Arctic and Continental Shelf

6-9 October 2020
St. Petersburg, Russia
Pavilion H, ExpoForum Exhibition Center
Русская версия
129 days until the event


OMR2020 Conference


OMR Conference includes a plenary session and commercial and technical sessions. Leading Russian and international companies will share their expertise in technological support, shipbuilding, offshore oil & gas development, construction of integrated marine structures etc.

last update: December 2, 2019.


Conference Session 1:
Innovative oil and gas projects on the World Ocean shelf

Session 1.1: Readiness for exploration and development of offshore oil and gas resources in the Russia’s Arctic and on the continental shelf
Session 1.2: The most promising offshore oil and gas deposits in the Russia’s Arctic and on the continental shelf

Conference Session 2:
The infrastructural and industrial aspects of development of the Russia’s Arctic and continental shelf

Session 2.1: Designing modern offshore oil and gas equipment and technical solutions at Russian machine and ship building facilities, research centers, and engineering enterprises
Session 2.2: Underwater and under-ice technologies and equipment for extracting mineral resources from freezing seas

Conference Session 3:
Ensuring the sustainable development of the Northern Sea Route

Session 3.1: Improving the management system for the Northern Sea Route infrastructure development (the roles of Rosatom, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment/ the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Marine Rescue Service, ship builders, etc.)
Session 3.2: Communication and navigation technologies, satellite systems, IT development, digital transformation

Conference Session 4: Building a modern fleet for exploring the Arctic and the Russian continental shelf

Session 4.1: Building icebreakers for mineral resource exploration in the Arctic region
Session 4.2: Supporting navigation along the Northern Sea Route with emergency and rescue services
Session 4.3: The goals of ensuring environmental and industrial safety during the development of the Northern Sea Route and coastal area exploration. The environmental challenges associated with the development of the Northern Sea Route and coastal area exploration
Session 4.4: Healthcare services for personnel working at offshore facilities (platforms, vessels)

Conference Session 5:
Energy support for development of the Arctic: optimizing the structure of the fuel and energy budget plan

Conference Session 6:
Legal and regulatory support of Arctic exploration: Russian and foreign practice

Conference Session 7:
Young Session
Hosted by: Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC

Conference Session 8:
International cooperation in the technical and technological support of the Arctic shelf projects

Additional Session: Foreign offshore oil and gas exploration projects: lessons for Russia.

Conference Session 9:
Social, economic, and human resource challenges arising out of continental shelf and the Arctic exploration

Site technical tours:

  1. Transneft: transferring oil onto ships at the Primorsk city port (1 day).
  2. Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping: training source on ensuring the vessel's survival.
  3. Baltic Shipyard: a tour of an Arctic-type icebreaker at the outfitting quay.

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